Summer Noms 2017

The end of summer is approaching and as you all know I disappeared from blogging for a moment so that I could finish the end of the school year and before I knew it, summer had consumed me entirely, distracting me from writing all together.

But in this short blog I will recap some of the drool worthy noms over the past few months, from Budva to Boston and back to Belgrade.



At the beginning of this whirlwind summer I was lucky enough to go on vacation once again to the beautiful sea town of Budva, Montenegro. Only a short forty minute flight and you are transported to sea, sun, fun and incredible noms. I won’t cover everything but here are a few highlights from my week at sea:

#1. Restaurant Lovac (since 1928) – ending up at this jewel was pure luck as we had visited Ada Bojana that morning. It popped up as a popular spot a few miles in Ulcinj on our route back to Budva and would have been a crime if we had missed it.

pjimage (100).jpg

Lovac is a humble restaurant overflowing with pure Montenegrin hospitality. Their outdoor seating is covered by a canopy of kiwi and grape vines and upon arrival you are greeted with a smile and a glass of homemade spirits. The menu offers something for everyone and at a price that cannot be beat.

Do yourself a favor and order the seafood risotto which is not the typical tomato based you find in most places and is packed with shrimp, mussels, squid and octopi. Heavenly. The other things we tasted were stuffed squid and a filling pasta. Just when you think it’s over, they bring out refreshing watermelon slices and another drink to digest. And as if things couldn’t have gotten better, our angel of a waiter brought us tres leche cake…which was out of this world nom.



Lovac was the highlight of my trip not only because of the incredible noms but because of the staff that treated you like family, making you feel like you were finally home.

#2. Juice Bar – having already commented on Juice Bar in one of my first ever posts, Juice Bar is the old part of Budva’s city fortress is a great place for breakfast, drinks and delicious sandwiches made with their signature red tomato bread. As I mentioned before their sister restaurant is located in Belgrade so we never have to suffer through any nomdrawals.


This trip we went to Juice Bar twice (though we would have happily have gone every day) the first time on a cloudy day for brunch. We each ordered giant smoothies, mine, named ‘Blue’ was packed with fresh fruits and peanuts which I oh so adore. We had intended to stay for sandwiches but these fabulous smoothies covered each crevice of our stomachs and so we chose to visit again before we left. When we did return, we ordered new favorites – ‘French’ (brie, cranberry sauce, lettuce) and ‘Smoky’ (smoked meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce) checking off another box from our must noms in Budva list.

#3. Babaluu – hands down the best place in the city for breakfast or brunch. We went to Babaluu on our last trip for lunch where we ordered a plethora of things from pizza to pasta and salad but there was one thing I became obsessed with after our visit and that was ‘priganice’ or fried dough balls.


For some reason, thinking the priganice wouldn’t be enough for the two of us, we both ordered something “small” : jogurt and musli with fruit and freshly made kiflice (croissant like pastries) with ham and cheese. As it turned out these filled us up quite a bit and by the time our piping hot priganice (complete with sides of cheese, honey and jam) made their way to the table we were down for the count. Luckily they packed them up and I actually carried them all the way back to Belgrade that night!

IMG_20170702_1027573 (1)

What I adore about Babaluu is that they serve all of their dishes in a fun / different way and the exterior as well as interior of the restaurant follows the same theme. The prices are great and you know you’ll never leave hungry!

Hungry yet? How about some nomerable mentions:

*Keops Palačinkarnica – new to downtown seaside walk in Budva, Keops pancake house is another favorite that originated in Belgrade. These are a midnight snack must!

keops budva.png

*Restaurant Astoria – possibly the best cafe/ restaurant in the old city where you can relax and watch the crashing waves with a refreshing drink (alcoholic or not!) in your hand.


Bye Bye Budva!




Onward to America! My visit to the States was a short but sweet four weeks so that I could be united with my newborn nephew and catch up with all friends and family I have been absent from for almost two years. It’s true that now I’m an aunt, but let’s be honest not much has changed and neither have the noms!

#1. The Lobster Shack – back to my old university stomping grounds of Maine, this little gem was introduced to me by a family friend who we were spending the night with. Not a huge fan of lobster, or lobster rolls (New Englanders get your pitchforks ready) I do however love a giant bowl of clam chowder which the Lobster Shack happily provides.


At just the right consistency, their clam chowder is warm and smooth and as you can guess full of succulent clams. Eat is an an appetizer alongside a lobster roll or as a main with a salad as I did and you can’t go wrong in New England’s self proclaimed vacation land or in this case nomland.

Maine, the way life should be!

#2. Howling Wolf Taqueria – The infamous town of Salem, Mass has a plethora of great eateries tucked into every street corner and the Howling Wolf is one that should be frequented by everyone because of it’s extreme nomness.

First of all their variety of tequilas is off the chain. Always a fan of any kind of margarita, Howling Wolf’s margarita of the day was concocted with their very own blueberry tequila, pure liquid nomness.


Their menu is filled with south of the boarder inspired classics with a wolf twist. Fish tacos were a must as well as friend plantains, which if you haven’t had before I’m not sure how you’ve survived long enough to be reading this right now.


The tacos came on soft corn tortillas with a lightly battered piece of white fish and completed with spicy chipotle sauce and veg. Oh so nom. The caramelized plantains were the salty, sweet combination that dreams are made of.

Thus, if you ever find yourself in Salem and are in search of an ethereal experience then put down your guard and let the Howling Wolf do all the bewitching.

#3. Boston Public Market – Where once Hay Market stood, the newly built Boston Public Market is continuing the legacy of feeding hungry Bostonians by locally produced Bostonians. This building houses all the noms imaginable from seafood to glowing sandwiches and pasta, to sweets such as Crescent Ridge ice cream or freshly made apple cider donuts.

My taste buds were drawn towards the small Vietnamese influenced ‘Noodle Lab‘ stand where they create one specialized dish per day that are guaranteed to inspire and transport you far from the East Coast to somewhere much more exotic. The special for that day was ‘Bun Cha’ a fresh bowl of grilled pork over flat noodles with crispy bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, greens and a spicy chili dressing.


Because Boston Public Market is solely comprised of food stalls the only designated seating are large beer garden tables that the public share together. There is something magical about squeezing yourself in between people you don’t know but are drawn together for the same reason, to nom!

Be sure to take in the sights and smells of the hall while you enjoy your food because that is certainly part of the full experience. Although Faniel Hall is still more popular with tourists than Boston Public Market, perhaps this is a good thing as the food here is almost too good to share!

Have you recovered from this nom time difference? Here are some nomerable mentions to cure your jet lag:

*The British Beer Company – A few years ago I might have thrown this suggestion in the back seat but my most recent experience was quite lovely. Blueberry beer, fried pickles, honey whiskey marinated steak tips and sweet potato fries, need I say more? Their service was also top notch. My mind has been made up, the BBC might be the new place to be.


*Murph’s Place – Always a breakfast winner. It wouldn’t be a visit to the States without stopping by Murph’s in Norwood for omelets, french toast or a stack of classic chocolate chip pancakes drizzled in sweet maple syrup. Embrace your inner child and nom nom nom.

pjimage 7.jpg

And with that sweet trip down memory lane we head back to the Balkans!

Ciao Ciao America!




Since returning back home to Belgrade and back home to Mooshoo cat, I have taken full advantage of Serbian summer snacks such as girice (little fried fish) , knedle (dough balls full of sweet or savory filling), watermelon, yellow peppers stuffed with cheese and so much more (however too many to document in this post)!

Nomandnommer hopes that you all have made the most of this glorious summer of 2017. It will definitely be one for the nom books!

Be seeing you soon, very soon!

Until next Nommer!

Restaurant Information:

Address: Velika Plaza 196, Ulcinj, 85360 Montenegro 
Phone:+382 67 556949
Address: Vranjak 13, Budva 85310 Montenegro 
Address: Mediteranska 8 TQ Plaza Budva, Montenegro 
Phone: +382 69 040440
Address: Slovenska Obala, Budva, Montenegro 
Phone:+382 67 556949
Address: Njegoseva 4 Old Town, Budva 85310 Montenegro 
Address: 110 Perkins Cove Road, Ogunquit, ME 03907, USA
Address: 76 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 01970,  USA
Address: 100 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02108, USA
Address: 100 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02108, USA
Address: 85 Providence Highway, MA 02032, USA
Address: 58 Broadway Street, Norwood, MA USA